Personalized Student Recruitment & Retention

Connect. Communicate. Cultivate.

Students are inundated with higher ed options and schools need to bolster communication and engagement plans in order to reduce any friction between prospects and the institution.

Collegis looks at recruitment and retention hand-in-hand. Outreach campaigns can have a profound ability to deliver relevant, timely content to current and yielded students at critical points in their journey, which has a measurable impact on engagement, conversion and persistence.

Recruitment and Admissions

Between your competition, summer melt and events in the lives of your prospective students, you need to maximize every point of contact. From inquiry to application to start, they must be met with well-timed messages that strengthen their commitment to your institution. With the help of Collegis and our experience applying data to the changing needs of students, you can strengthen your communication and engagement outreach, reduce friction and create targeted solutions that ensure you are protecting every stage of the enrollment process.

Admissions Outreach

The Collegis Engagement team is an extension of your enrollment management operations. Specialized representatives immerse themselves in your brand to fully engage prospective students through voice, text and email communications at selected stages of the funnel. Email and text campaigns can also be utilized with a full admissions outreach strategy. The outreach model would prioritize efficient delivery and engagement through automated email and SMS messages as well as automated dialing and voicemails for admissions engagement.

Enrollment Process Mapping

Create a detailed view of the enrollment journey for prospective students, and then adapt marketing and admissions activities to this process in order to:

  • Bring together all enrollment stakeholders from inquiry through enrollment
  • Document the current state of business processes through the eyes of the prospective student
  • Create a shared vision for the ideal future state of business processes
  • List actionable goals to work toward
  • Review the features that your current CRM offers to support this process
  • Envision the ideal business process and use it to help improve the utilization of the current CRM

Admissions Development Program

Supply your admissions team with ongoing development designed to increase the depth of conversation. As your admissions counselors engage prospective students, prepare them to deliver brand and program differentiators tailored to the individual they are speaking with. With insights from our Enrollment Process Mapping exercise, development opportunities can be targeted to specific conversational elements of student engagement, including:

  • Building relationships
  • Differentiating programs
  • Matching services to the student
  • Gaining meaningful student commitment

Virtual Training and Development

Prepare your team to take on new challenges. Courses we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Handling Admissions Conversations
    Best practices for having effective, compassionate, conversations with students and their families that encourage them to continue looking forward to their educational goals.
  • Delivering Your Value Proposition
    How to best craft voicemails, emails and text messages to increase student engagement.
  • Utilizing Technologies to Increase Engagement
    Best practices on admissions staff outreach protocol, utilization of multiple outreach methods and how no-cost solutions (such as Calendly) can help staff connect with more students.
  • Admissions Virtual Effectiveness
    How to best present yourself via video when talking to students and parents.