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You’ve made big investments in technology tools, from your Learning Management Systems to your Student Information Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Content Management Systems and Enterprise Resource Planners, but how well are those systems connected? For many institutions, that data is likely siloed and not integrated across departments – or your entire institution. As a result, you aren’t able to take advantage of the important insights they hold for data-driven applications and decisions.

Through an ongoing Collegis partnership with Google Cloud, our Data Enablement as a Service allows you to leverage already-existing data to make informed decisions, create a more unified student experience and drive student success via micro-services and data-driven insights. In short, we help you collect, connect and activate your data to get a big picture view, increase enrollments and support students in meeting their goals.

Outcomes for Your School

» Enrollment Attribution
Understand which clicks actually drive enrollment
With our Enrollment Attribution micro-service, we help you understand which marketing channels are and aren’t working to move you toward your goals, gaining insights into some of the most important metrics (such as cost per inquiry, per application and even per enrollment). Understanding your marketing sources and their corresponding yield provides your marketing team with the level of specificity they need to optimize campaigns and channel mix, and to connect with the best-fit students for your school.

» Data Discovery
Create a search engine with your own data – from any source
Using Self Service Analytics, we put data into the hands of every business user at your institution, allowing them to answer their own questions in real time – freeing data analysts to focus on more challenging analysis. We believe in the importance of breaking down barriers and information silos by readily sharing data and making insights more accessible. Providing this level of transparency empowers our partners to make the right decisions backed by data.

» Anomaly and Signal Detection
Proactive alerting to data trends you might not have noticed
Retaining your current students and successfully guiding new students through the admissions and enrollment process are mission critical activities. We use pro-active alerting microservices so you can identify students who are at risk of not continuing their studies as well as those who may not continue the enrollment process. We push these alerts directly to decision makers – instead of burying them in a dashboard or static report – so they can take action before it’s too late.

» Enrollment Outreach Intelligence
Use behavioral data to inform what actions to take next
Understanding who your prospective students are and how to reach them is the key to growing enrollments. You probably already have that information in your existing data, including what webpages someone has visited, how they found you, and when and how they have interacted with your school. We create behavioral flags in the data to inform the outreach that should be done (like sending communications at their preferred time of day, and focusing on the programs that might be of interest) and unleashing that power to connect with students to ensure successful engagements.

» Web Personalization
Create unique targeted experiences based on what you know
We work with you to use your data to drive personalization microservices. By integrating the data you already have, we create curated experiences across your website and portals. This means students – and prospective students – are served different web experiences based on what will best guide them through their student journey and provide them with what they need to make decisions. Nursing student? Imagine that the imagery they see centers around nursing experiences. Potential nontraditional student? Imagine that the content shared centers around flexible learning options.

» Audience Segmentation & Clustering
Identify segments, personas and targets that you may not have noticed
Using the power of BigQuery and machine learning, we can predict likely student behaviors to inform the development of programs and services to best reach them and meet their needs. Behavioral data can also create segments for audiences, ads and personalization – and allow schools to identify segments of prospective students not otherwise being actively targeted.