A Guide to Exiting from Your OPM

Are you looking for ways to position your institution for long-term success? Perhaps it’s time to consider if your current OPM is still the right fit. Black box marketing tactics, non-transparent revenue share models and regulatory pressure are among the many reasons institutions are looking to alternative solutions to the traditional OPM. Whatever your reasons may be, planning a transition entails navigating a complex and multifaceted process that requires careful planning and execution.

Gathered from our experience helping other schools in similar situations, we have developed 8 steps to consider when exiting your OPM relationship.

8 Step Guide to Exiting Your OPM Relationship eBook

What’s Inside?

This guide provides an overview of key considerations and tasks for exiting an OPM relationship:

  • Identifying your motivations
  • Evaluating internal capacity
  • Understanding institutional impact
  • Building a transition team
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