Building an in-house OPM

3 models & a guide for higher ed

Whether you’re one of the 61% of higher ed leaders currently reevaluating your OPM relationship or just wondering “what if”, there’s no doubt building an in-house OPM is appealing. But it’s also a major undertaking.

Give your plan a kickstart

Move forward with confidence knowing you’ve explored all the considerations. Download our “Building an In-House OPM: Models & Considerations for Higher Education” ebook that covers topics like:

Building an In-House OPM cover
  • Which of the 3 models suits your objectives and timeline
  • How to objectively assess current capabilities and infrastructure
  • Planning for a transition period as revenue and enrollment get back up to speed
  • Finding the right partners to fill gaps and help in-house teams gain expertise
  • How to prepare the culture and gain buy-in from stakeholders

At Collegis, we’ve partnered with multiple schools to successfully navigate this process to avoid common pitfalls and help you build in-house capabilities. Fill out the form to download the ebook now.

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