Recruitment & Student Engagement

Strengthen Your Student Engagement

Today’s students are inundated with higher ed options. To stand out from the crowd you not only need to have the mix of offerings and experiences a student is looking for, but you also need to reach that student at the right time – and with the right message. This is why, when looking to the future, you must constantly bolster your communication and engagement plans and reduce the roadblocks – the friction – that get between your prospect and you. Which will ultimately ensure optimized conversion and reduce melt to the extent possible.

With the benefit of decades of experience – and comprehensive capabilities across marketing, admissions, technology and program support – Collegis is steeped in the strategies needed to capitalize on the changing attitudes of students, the most effective automation tactics to reach them and the processes that reduce friction and create targeted enrollment solutions. We can help your institution strengthen its communication and engagement outreach to ensure you are protecting every stage of the enrollment process from inquiry, to application, to start.

Campaign Development

When built strategically and in alignment with key milestones during the student experience, automated marketing campaigns can have a profound ability to deliver relevant, timely content to current and yielded students at critical points in their journey. In turn, this ability to anticipate student questions and concerns can have a measurable impact on conversion and engagement.

Data-Driven Communications

With an efficiently automated campaign, you can create a series of communications using machine learning and triggered by the actions of an interested prospect. Collectively, your messages will support an individual through the journey map to becoming one of your students and, one day, an alum. Developed and customized for each institution, our campaign solutions include the automation and deployment of email and SMS messages as well as the addition of a ringless voicemail tool that represents an overall low-cost option for increasing engagement opportunities.

Admissions Outreach

The Collegis Engagement team is an extension of your enrollment management operations. Specialized representatives immerse themselves in your brand to fully engage prospective students through voice, text and email communications at selected stages of the funnel. Email and text campaigns can also be utilized with a full admissions outreach strategy. The outreach model would prioritize efficient delivery and engagement through automated email and SMS messages as well as automated dialing and voicemails for admissions engagement.

Virtual Training and Development

Prepare your team to take on new challenges. Courses we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Handling Admissions Conversations
    Best practices for having effective, compassionate, conversations with students and their families that encourage them to continue looking forward to their educational goals.
  • Delivering Your Value Proposition
    How to best craft voicemails, emails and text messages to increase student engagement.
  • Utilizing Technologies to Increase Engagement
    Best practices on admissions staff outreach protocol, utilization of multiple outreach methods and how no-cost solutions (such as Calendly) can help staff connect with more students.
  • Admissions Virtual Effectiveness
    How to best present yourself via video when talking to students and parents.

Virtual Open Houses

You can still effectively engage with prospective students and their families by offering virtual open houses, customizable to suit various key audiences:

  • Accepts/Deposits
    Promote the campus, student experience and what the institution has in place to ensure a successful school start to reinforce prospect confidence and loyalty.
  • Pre-Deposit
    Emphasize the campus and the institution to create and build trust, leading to full conversion.
  • Grad and Online
    Focus on program differentiators and outcomes. Answer the questions that are preventing prospects from fully committing.