The traditional marketing and enrollment tactics used by colleges and universities are no longer as effective as they once were. Technology, along with shifting student demographics, needs and preferences, has altered the way prospective students expect to receive information and engage with colleges.

Today, institutions must digitally evolve to meet enrollment goals. This means adjusting their strategies and approach with the changing dynamics of marketing platforms and the way data is now collected and activated to personalize experiences.

5 articles on how technology can grow college enrollments

See a compilation of articles below with ideas for how your school can adopt modern digital marketing and enrollment strategies to better communicate and engage with today’s learners.

1. Ways to Augment Your Admissions Processes With Technology 

Working in college enrollment typically involves many tasks that are repetitive and straightforward. There’s no reason for skilled team members to waste their time on tedious, manual processes when they could instead leverage technology to engage in work that improves the student experience. Read More

2. How to Optimize a Higher Education Digital Marketing Strategy With Data 

By integrating data across their advertising platforms, website and customer relationship management (CRM) system, higher ed marketing teams can engage with prospective students in a more customized way. Learn how data integration can improve your marketing strategy. Read More

3. Higher Education Metrics You Should Be Tracking 

Performance metrics can help inform your college’s marketing, enrollment and student success activities in real time. See the 14 metrics your institution should be tracking to identify whether you’re achieving your objectives and supporting the needs of your students. Read More

4. How Colleges Can Reinvent the Enrollment Funnel

Many colleges have not updated their engagement strategies to meet prospective students’ expectations for targeted, personalized communication. Here’s how to restructure your enrollment funnel with digital marketing tactics in mind to fix that. Read More

5. Higher Ed Enrollment Dashboards That Can Help Inform Recruitment Strategies

Higher education institutions have a mountain of data at their fingertips. But for many, the more data they have, the more challenging it can be to find meaning in it – especially when systems across campus are siloed. See examples of enrollment dashboards teams can use to organize, read and act on the information to make more informed recruitment decisions. Read More

Digitally transform your marketing and enrollment processes

Technology is the key to unleashing your team’s full potential. If your institution needs help incorporating technology to maximize its marketing and recruiting ROI and grow enrollments, Collegis Education offers the people, processes and tools to improve enrollment performance, compete effectively in a crowded market and engage students with customized, data-driven experiences.

Author: Elise Povejsil

Elise Povejsil is a former marketing manager (content and communications) for Collegis Education. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Studies from DePauw University.